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DAF Data and AI Launch Point


This page provides key resources for accessing DAF AI capabilities as well as relevant policy and guidance. The DAF CDAO is seeking AI use cases from Airmen & Guardians to prioritize AI related capabilities.


DAF CDAO Acquisitions Guidebook | This guidebook provides a basic understanding of the AI acquisition lifecycle with respect to data, finance,contracting, testing, and legal considerations. It aims to provide deliberate and digestible information to help program managers navigate the various stages of the AI lifecycle. 

DAF CDAO Acquisitions Guidebook


DAF CDAO AI Test and Evaluation Primer | This Primer is not a policy document but presents a framework for AI T&E compatible with the industry standard, Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), and the DoD’s Operation of the Software Acquisition Pathway (DoDI 5000.87).

DAF CDAO AI Test and Evaluation Primer 


DAF CDAO Field Guide for Prompt Engineering | This document provides strategies for Prompt Engineering, which is the skill of crafting instructions for LLMs that maximize the chance of a high quality, relevant response. It is intended for Dept. of the Air Force (DAF) members who use LLMs for non-combat workflow optimization and is not intended to support real time decision making in military operations.

DAF CDAO Field Guide for Prompt Engineering 


DoD Data, Analytics AI Adoption Strategy | The Pentagon's 2023 Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Adoption Strategy builds upon years of DOD leadership in the development of AI and further solidifies the United States' competitive advantage in fielding the emerging technology.

DoD Data Analytics AI Adoption Strategy