Strategic Priorities

In order to meet the demands of the future digital fight, we must enable seamless JADC2 and AI-Human teaming, speed our OODA loop and maintain consistent agility to adapt to an ever changing battle space. Our mission is to deliver the rock solid digital foundation on which our future competitive advantage relies, and to equip our Airmen and Guardians with the knowledge, tools, and data they need to fight. Consistent Agility = Consistent Advantage. Accelerate Change or Lose!


Proactively provide infrastructure, data, tools, and AI enabled systems to compete in the digital fight through JADC2 and machine-driven insights.


Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1 | Rock Solid Digital Foundation


Rock Solid Digital Foundation

  • 21st Century Network
  • Cloud-based Services
  • Zero-trust Framework
  • DevSecOps Platform
  • Cybersecurity That Works



Strategic Goal 2 | User Experience for Warfighter Effect


  • Tools & Data Warfighters NeedUser Experience for Warfighter Effect
  • Improve User Experience
  • Measure and Improve Performance and Experience Data
  • IT Driven Capability Insertion



Strategic Goal 3 | Enabling Digital Talent


  • Digital UniversityEnabling Digital Talent
  • Incentives For Retention
  • Right warrior | Right mission
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Recruit, Manage, and Develop the Civilian Workforce



Strategic Goal 4 | Ruthlessly Attack Manual Process, Outdated Policy, & Redundant IT (RAMP)


  • Sunset Legacy SystemsRuthlessly Attack Manual Process, Outdated Policy, & Redundant IT
  • Operation FLAMETHROWER
  • FY23 Budget That Works
  • Find Our IT Spend
  • Policy for the 21st Century
  • Automate Where Possible
  • Disrupt Ourselves