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The Department of the Air Force (DAF) Chief Data Office was established in July 2017 with the goal of strengthening and modernizing the Department's data strategy and capabilities. In 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) was added to the portfolio, thus establishing the Chief Data and AI Office (DAF CDAO). The DAF and the Secretary of the Air Force have prioritized AI, recognizing the critical role it will play in the future of the military - from enhancing decision-making processes to streamlining operations. By integrating AI, our team ensures responsible implementation and effective utilization of these technologies to support the Department's mission and operations.

Acting Chief Data and AI Officer

Chandra L. Donelson

Ms. Chandra Donelson serves as the Acting Department of the Air Force Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer. She develops and implements strategies for enterprise data management, analytics, digital transformation, and responsible/ethical artificial intelligence to optimize performance and drive innovation in and across all missions and operations. For more information about Ms. Donelson please click here.



1. Provide the framework to operationalize data and AI for decision advantage and successful mission execution to be AI-ready by 2025 and AI-competitive by 2027.
2. Lead data and AI ethics considerations in DAF mission systems and programs.
3. Advance a data-centric and AI-competent total force.
4. Expand partnerships across DAF, DoD, government, industry, and academia.


~ The DoD AI Ethical Principles are Responsible, Equitable, Traceable, Reliable, and Governable.

~ The RAI Foundational Tenets operationalize the DoD AI Ethical Principles

~ The Foundational Tenets are RAI Governance, Warfighter Trust, AI Product and Acquisition Lifecycle, Requirements Validation, Responsible AI Ecosystem and AI Workforce.

AI Initiatives

To Democratize Access

  • Provide access to those outside of Program Offices

To Integrate Responsibly

  • Ensure respect for DoD RAI Ethical Principles and Foundational Tenets

To Accelerate Adoption

  • Encourage ubiquitous integration at the speed of relevance

To Provide Visibility

  • Establish efficient and informed resource management

To Build Coalitions

  • Leverage academic, industry, ally, and partner relationships


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