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DAF ZT FMO hosts Zero Trust Milestone Champion Jamboree Event

  • Published
  • Department of the Air Force Zero Trust Functional Management Office

ARLINGTON, VA -- The Department of the Air Force Zero Trust Functional Management Office hosted its inaugural Milestone Champion Jamboree, Feb. 6-8 in Arlington, Virginia, to identify tasks that drive completion of Zero Trust Milestones.

This event brought together more than 40 Milestone Champions to continue the work of transforming DAF cybersecurity to face the security landscape presented in this era of Great Power Competition.

The DAF Zero Trust Roadmap is a visual representation of a timeline for the DAF to adopt a Zero Trust framework by FY27. This Roadmap overlays 48 strategic milestones across the seven Zero Trust pillars (User, Device, Application and Workload, Data, Network and Environment, Automation and Orchestration, and Visibility and Analytics) to advance the DAF from its current state to a Zero Trust cybersecurity model.

Highlighting the importance of this work, Mr. Winston Beauchamp, DAF Chief Information Officer, provided opening remarks.

“2023 was the year of planning; 2024 has to be the year we start executing,” Beauchamp said. “Our strategic messaging needs to educate Airmen and Guardians on why Zero Trust is critical to success in the future fight.”

Milestone Champions represent several organizations across the Air Force and are responsible for tracking and managing tasks to achieve DAF Zero Trust milestones. Members included representatives from the office of the Secretary of the Air Force Chief Information Officer, Air Combat Command, Air Force Materiel Command Life Cycle Management Center, Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Office, Cyberspace Capabilities Center, 16th Air Force and the 688th Cyber Wing.

The Functional Management Office works with Milestone Champions to ensure Zero Trust capabilities are adequately funded and to escalate areas of concern that would impede milestone completion or hinder the department’s ability to meet the Department of Defense’s Zero Trust mandate of Fiscal Year 2027.

During the Jamboree, the FMO and Milestone Champions spent three full days analyzing and developing solutions to close existing gaps for Enterprise-wide Zero Trust adoption.  

At the culmination of this event, attendees provided a Zero Trust progress brief to senior DAF leaders in the Cyber/Enterprise IT Communities: Winston Beauchamp, Deputy Chief Information Officer; Jay Bonci, Chief Technology Officer; Aaron Bishop, Chief Information Security Officer; Dr. Wanda Jones-Heath, Principal Cyber Advisor; and Eileen Vidrine, Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer.

The DAF Zero Trust FMO will continue to provide forums for brainstorming and collaborating across organizations by expanding Zero Trust in weapon systems, infrastructure and other non-enterprise IT.