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Statement of Purpose

This document outlines the priorities and initiatives for the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) within the Department of the Air Force (DAF). The Lines of Effort (LOEs) and subsequent Objectives included herein were developed to inform and encourage collaboration from across the Secretariat, the Air & Space Force Staffs, and all organizations with equity in providing responsive Information Technology (IT) and digital solutions enterprise-wide.
The Lines of Effort and supporting Objectives are detailed below.


Lines of Effort

Line of Effort 1 | Accelerate Cloud Adoption

  • Desired Operational Impact: Globally distributed cloud computing enables rapid deployment and strong performance of business and mission capabilities from the enterprise to the edge, including disconnected operations. An effective hybrid cloud ecosystem improves cybersecurity and resiliency, enables rapid data sharing, and drives simplicity and transparency for operators. Reducing stovepiped data centers and legacy applications enables investment in modern capabilities. These are critical to our Airmen and Guardians’ ability to establish and maintain warfighting superiority.


Line of Effort 2 | Future of Cybersecurity

  • Desired Operational Impact: Create and continuously enhance a secure and resilient digital environment that protects our data and critical assets from adversaries. Equip our operators with Sensoring and data integration to see our environment, easily act, and maneuver. All systems are designed up front with threat-informed cybersecurity in mind. Enable cybersecurity processes that improve cyber posture, provide a transparent view of cyber risk, and enable rapid deployment and update of capabilities.


Line of Effort 3 | Workforce Development

  • Desired Operational Impact: Enable our DAF workforce to meet future digital challenges and adapt quickly to adopt and operationalize technology and processes that will drive competitive advantage. Empower and equip talent, incentivize performance, and ensure every person has a chance to succeed at the part of our mission where they can drive the most impact and take pride in their contribution.


Line of Effort 4 | IT Portfolio Management

  • Desired Operational Impact: Efficiently spending every penny to deliver capabilities our warfighters need for mission success. This means sunsetting expensive, redundant capabilities and shrewdly negotiating enterprise agreements that balance cost, consumability, and enable choice for high performing teams.


Line of Effort 5 | Excellence in Core IT & Mission-Enabling Services

  • Desired Operational Impact: Airmen and Guardians can rely on their networks, devices, and the digital tools and data they need for mission success with 99.99+% consistency. Leaders at all levels are confident these services will be there when they need them and provide the capability they need to win.


Line of Effort 6 | Data & AI

  • Desired Operational Impact: Airmen and Guardians are able to easily access the data they need to make decisions and take action at all levels. Data drives decisions and continuous improvements. Training quality data at scale for algorithm training and analytics. Automation, analytics, and AI designed into all systems from the start.


FY23-28 DAF CIO Public Strategy

CIO Strategic LOE Objectives

Other Information

Additional information will be posted here when available.