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ICAM | FY23 Q3 | ICAM is fundamental to DAF IT improvement as it provides a means of security and auditability for all authorized users that access DAF systems, while also protecting those systems from insider threats and outside adversaries.

ICAM Roadmap


Zero Trust | FY24 Q1 | Zero Trust sits at the heart of DAF IT modernization efforts, providing cyber readiness and resilience for users on all devices in the face of threats through ICAM, an integrated data ecosystem, automation, analytics, secure applications, and a reduced reliance on key network components

Zero Trust Roadmap 


Network | FY23 Q3 | Underlying all other IT efforts, the Network of the future delivers resilient connectivity to data within and outside the Cloud while supporting the demands of increasing data flows for users at home and at the edge.

Network Roadmap 

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  • Updated DAF CIO Public Strategy FY2023-FY2028
  • Civilian Talent Management Framework (TMF)
  • DAF Zero Trust Strategy
  • Cloud Strategy