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Removal of Legacy Computers from the Department of the Air Force (DAF)

  • Published
  • SAF/CN

FROM: SAF/CN  - 08 March 2023
SUBJECT: Removal of Legacy Computers from the Department of the Air Force (DAF)

  • References:
  • (a) DoDI 8530.01, "Cybersecurity Activities Support to DoD Information Network Operations" (07 March 2016)
  • (b) DAFMAN 17-1203, “Information Technology Asset Management and Accountability” (13 September 2022)
  • (c) DoD CIO Memo, “DoD Migration to Microsoft Windows 11” (08 June 2022)
  • (d) SAF/CNS Memo, “Windows 11 Tech Refresh Excess Assets” (09 December 2022)

This memorandum provides policy and instructions for the removal of legacy computers from the DAF to improve security, reduce risk, and enhance operational effectiveness in accordance with DAFMAN 17-1203 IT Asset Management, which dictates a 4-year workstation life cycle, and DoD CIO memo to sunset the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system by October 14, 2025.

The DAF’s current End User Device inventory contains many computers that are unserviceable and unable to support modern operating systems. These legacy computers present a significant security risk due to their inability to run the latest security updates, and operating systems. They also hinder the DAF's ability to adopt new technologies and operational capabilities.

Effective immediately, all DAF desktops, laptops, and tablets with a manufacturer date of 2019 or earlier, and/or that do not meet the Information Technology Commodity Council (ITCC) standard for operating Microsoft Windows 11, are deemed unserviceable. All Communication Squadrons and associated administrators are directed to remove such devices from the DAF networks and standalone systems by January 15, 2025. Equipment custodians will ensure all unserviceable computers and tablets are dispositioned in a timely and efficient manner IAW DAFMAN 17-1203 para 2.10.


  • All Equipment Control Officers and their respective Property Custodians shall conduct an inventory of all computers within their portfolios to identify those that were manufactured 2019 or earlier, or do not meet the ITCC standard for Windows 11. Recommend use of the Cyber Capabilities Center SCORE tool to facilitate completing total inventory.
  • Communication Squadrons and associated administrators shall develop plans to remove these legacy computers from the DAF prior to the stated January 15, 2025 suspense. These plans shall include timelines, resources, and procedures for disposal of the legacy equipment. Consistent with current policy, units are responsible to procure End User Devices.
  • MAJCOM A6s shall coordinate with local IT service providers and equipment custodians to ensure that all legacy computers are removed from the DAF by January 15, 2025.

Exemptions and waivers to this policy must be approved by your MAJCOM A6, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve Command and Space Force equivalent, or their designated representative.

Deputy Chief Information Officer