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The office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) enables the U.S. Air Force core missions by ensuring the cybersecurity and resiliency of systems, information and staff. For more detailed information about the office of the CISO, please refer to our About page.

Aaron Bishop

Department of Air Force Chief Information Security Officer

Mr. James "Aaron" Bishop, the former CEO and founder of Quantum Security Alliance, is the Department of Air Force Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). For more information about Mr. Bishop please click here.


Data Privacy Week 2024

Data Privacy Week (21-27 January) During this week, we highlighted information about online privacy issues, and that data privacy should be a priority both for individuals and organizations. The goal was twofold: help Airmen and Guardians understand that they have the power to manage their data and help DAF organizations understand why it is important to safeguard personal and mission data.  

This tip sheet provides information about how to protect personal information in common scenarios.  

Data Privacy Week 2024 (Webinars)

The National Cybersecurity Alliance hosted a series of webinars.  See below for webinar recording and subjects:

Sharing is Caring… Or is it?

Available on-demand here.

  • Jennifer Mahoney, Manager, Data Governance, Privacy and Protection, Optiv
  • Lisa Plaggemier, Executive Director, National Cybersecurity Alliance


Give Data Brokers the Slip!

Tuesday, January 23rd from 3-3:30 PM ET

  • Alan Smith, Manager, Community Leadership, Consumer Reports
  • Don Marti, Vice President, Ecosystem Innovation, Raptive


Protect Our Kids’ Privacy!

Wednesday, January 24th from 1-1:30 PM ET

  • Kalinda Raina, Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer, LinkedIn
  • Lisa Plaggemier, Executive Director, National Cybersecurity Alliance


Privacy on the AI Frontiers

Thursday, January 25th from 1:30-2 PM ET

  • Laura Gardner Rogers, Senior Corporate Counsel, Privacy, Safety, and Regulatory Affairs, Microsoft
  • Arjun Bhatnagar, Co-founder, CEO, Cloaked
  • Lisa Plaggemier, Executive Director, National Cybersecurity Alliance


Privacy and the Law

Friday, January 26th from 1-1:30 PM ET

  • Moderated by: John Elliott, Author, Pluralsight
  • Brandon Pugh, Director, Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats, R Street Institute
  • Divya Sridhar, Director, Privacy Initiatives, BBB National Programs

For more information, please see the NCA page at:

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